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eSecure Surveillance Package Frequently Asked Questions

ES03 Series

  1. When I first turn on DVR, it makes continuous beeping noise.
    • When Hard drive is not installed or did not format, the DVR will make that noise to alert user. You can either install the hard drive first or go to DVR menu to turn off this beeping noise.
    • To turn off the beeping noise, go to DVR setup, click on Device, Alarm, then turn the buzzer to close.
  2. What type of HDD is required for the eSecure DVR systems? IDE or SATA?
    • eSecure DVR system is compatible with most of the SATA HDD on the market.
    • We recommend Seagate, WD Brands
    • From 320GB to 2TB,  Suggest 5400RPM/7200RPM, 8M/16M/32M buffer
  3. The DVR reboots automatically or stops after running for several minutes?
    • Inside each DVR packages, there includes 2 power adapters. One for DVR, the other for cameras with power splitters. If you used camera power for DVR, the input voltage/amperage is not stable or low
    • Defective Harddrive
    • Video signal input not stable
    • DVR is operated under high temperature, too much dust or any other bad environment
    • DVR main board or other hardware is defective
  4. I have the harddrive installed by myself, how to format it?
    • Go to DVR setup, select Device and click on HDD, make sure the Square Box is checked, then click on Format HDD

DVR Frequently Asked Questions

eSecure ES00M DVR Series

  1. What is the mobile application name to view this DVR on the internet
    • iOs App Store => MEYE (iphone), Super Meye (iPad)
    • Anroid, Google Play => Meye or download this Apk and install
    • Blackberry OS V5.0 above =>download this snippet and follow installation instruction
    • Symbian => download this snippet and install
  2. What is the default firewall port number of ES00M Series DVR?
    • port 80 for web browser connection
    • port 34567 for video transmittion
    • port 34599 for mobile viewing
  3. How do I setup port fowarding so that I can view cameras on the internet
    • It depends on the brand and model number of your internet router
    • Usually this function is under "port fowarding" or "virtual server" section in router's advanced configuration
  4. How do I find out which IP address of the DVR to connect on the internet?
    • Open any browser on PC at the network of your DVR
    • Type in, the number displayed on the screen will be your DVR's IP address
  5. Do you offer FREE DDNS Service? If so, how do I set it up?
    • Yes, Setup ARSP
    • Step 1. Login Main Menu ==> select Advanced ==> select Version then write down the Serial No.
    • Step 2. Login Main Menu ==> select Advanced ==> select Network ==> then enter the number in the Primary & Secondary DNS field.
    • Step 3. Login Main Menu ==> select Advanced ==> select Network ==> select ARSP then enter the above Serial No. to the User Name field only. Click OK and exit the Setup Screen.
    • Step 4. Go to the Computer, open up the Internet Explorer, then type the login screen come up.
      Login Type: By Device
      ID: enter the above Serial No. here
      After successfully Login, click on the icon of the Examine, then it will open up a new window of the DVR Login screen. Click login again to view the Cameras.
    • Note: Customer need to setup the DVR Ports open in the Router first, before configured the above setup.
  6. I have ES00M Series DVR, I'm having trouble getting Mobile App to work with more than one channel.
    • Please login to DVR Main Menu first. Once you are in Main Menu, click on Advance, and select Auto Maintain, then click on Default Setting. In the Default Setting window, only check on the “Encode”, after that click on OK and Reboot the DVR. Now the Mobile Phone should be working fine.
    • After Encode setup, please check if the DVR’s IP Address changed. If the IP Address changed, please reconfigure the Router to point to the New IP address.
  7. There is no picture or picture is not clear when you preview the recording or playback the recording via IE
    • If you access DVR by IE, there are 2 options in "web environment". By selecting “LAN” it will display all Live Video.  By selecting “Internet”  there’s no Live Video, need to click on the Play Button to enable the Video.
    • Please try "Close windows" by the right mouse button, and try "Open windows" again
  8. When I type DVR's IP Address on via IE Browser, I don't see DVR's login screen
    • Please check the network to see if it is connected
    • Check if LINK or 100M LED is displayed normally on the panel
    • Enable the DHCP in the DVR setup
    • Please Open the DVR Port in the Router setup
    • Use ping (DVR IP) to check if the Internet is linked properly
  9. When I use Internet Explorer, I see a white screen with 'x' on the top left, I'm not seeing the login screen.
    • Need to add IP address to Trusted Site from IE Web Browser
    • ==> Go to IE, click on Tools and select Internet Options. Then click on Security Tab, select Trusted Sites, and click on Sites,click Add then Close.
    • Need to enable ActiveX in IE Web Browser
    • ==> Go to IE, click on Tools and select Internet Options. Click on Security Tab, select Custom Level, then Enable all ActiveX from here. Close & Restart IE to take effect.
    • The browser might not display correctly if you are using Internet Explorer 9, to fix this,
    • ==> Go to IE, click on Tools and select Compitibility View Setting, check display all sites in compatibility view, and close. From now on, whenever you visit the DVR, it will be displayed in Compatibility View. However, if the DVR receives updates to display correctly in the current version of Internet Explorer, Compatibility View will automatically turn off.
  10. My computer is Windows 7 with IE 9, when I playback the video, the IE crashed.
    • DVR need firmware updated to the latest.
      ==> Go to Download Tab to download the latest firmware for your DVR.
  11. I have the harddrive installed by myself, how to format it?
    • Go to DVR setup, select Device and click on HDD, make sure the Square Box is checked, then click on Format HDD
  12. DVR cannot record after startup and there is "H" showing on the screen
    • Make sure power adaptor is DC 12V
    • Make sure HDD is formatted
    • Check the power and data connection cables of the HDD
    • The HDD is defective
    • The SATA port is not working
    • There's No HDD installed in the DVR
  13. What is meaning of "R" "M" "I" "H" "W" which is displayed on the screen?
    • "R" means the channel is recording
    • "M" means the channel is on motion detection
    • "I" means the channel is on alarm
    • "H" or "W" means there is either no HDD. the HDD is bad or the HDD is full
  14. No audio sound when monitoring
    • Check sound box or speaker functions. Also check possible short circuit.
    • Audio source may be connected to the video channel. You can click to full-screen to check.
    • The hardware of DVR is defective
    • Enable Audio in the setting
    • Audio Mic. Cable have no power connected
  15. No audio sound when playback
    • Setting problem: open audio-video item
    • Check the audio to see if it is closed in playback interface
    • Make sure Audio is unmute in the setting
    • Select specific Channel that have audio recorded to playback
  16. Motion detection is not working?
    • The setting of motion detection area is not correct
    • Sensitivity is too low
  17. USB thumb drive backup error
    • The data exceeds the capacity of backup device
    • The backup device is incompatible
    • The backup device is damaged
    • You used CD or DVD writer for backup which is currently not compatible